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Mango fruit pulp| mango fruit pulper machine

Mango fruit pulp is the inner fleshy yellow, sweet part of the mango. The pulp of mango easily extracts by peeling any variety of mango and then crushing it. In order to extract mango pulp, crush using your hands or put the pieces in a mixer or food processor and blend to a pulp. It is prepared from selected varieties of Fresh Mango Fruit. Fully matured Mangoes are harvesting, quickly transporting to the fruit processing plant, inspecting and washing. Mango Pulp/Concentrate is perfectly suitable for conversion to juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese and various other kinds of beverages.

Mango fruit pulp

Is mango puree the same as mango pulp?

Mango fruit pulp

Mango puree is a thick, smooth product that has processed such that the insoluble fibrous parts of ripe mangoes. The puree is in such a smooth trend so as to be able to fit through a fine sieve. … The terms pulp and puree are often used interchangeably.

Manufacturers prepare Mango Pulp from varieties of Fresh Mango Fruit. Farmers harvest, select and wash fully matured Mangoes and transport them to the fruit processing plant for inspecting and washing. High-quality fruits go to the controlled ripening chambers; Ripened Mango fruits are then washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded, homogenized, thermally processed and aseptically filled maintaining sterility. The preparation process includes cutting, de-stoning, refining, and packing. In the case of an aseptic product, the pulp is sterilized and packed in aseptic bags. The refined pulp is also packed in cans, hermetically sealed and retorted. Frozen pulp is pasteurized and deep-frozen in plate freezers. The process ensures that the natural flavor and aroma of the fruit is retained in the final product.

Mango Pulp Concentrate is perfectly appropriate for conversion to juices, nectars, drinks, jams, fruit cheese and various other kinds of beverages.

Exporting mango Pulp to Europe

Mango fruit pulp

The European Union is the second-largest regional market for mango Pulp, after the Arabian Peninsula market. The estimated imports of mango pulp to the European Union represent around 20% of the total world imports and the imports are increasing. The largest user of mango purée in Europe is the fruit juice industry, but it has applications in other segments such as ice cream or the baby food industry as well.

European imports of mango pulp continue to grow. The total European export of mango pulp increased over the last five years at an average growth rate of 8%. Most trade represents intra-European trade. The largest exporters or re-exporters are the Netherlands, France, and Germany. The European export of mango pulp to countries outside of the EU is insignificant.


The estimated European market for mango pulp within the European Union in 2019 was around 110,000 tonnes. Developing countries account for the largest share of the supply, while intra-EU imports represent only the processing and re-export of imported quantities, as Europe does not produce mangoes. The total import of mango pulp grew over the last five years at an average annual rate of 6%, reaching a value of approximately € 183 million in 2019. It is expected that the import of mango pulp will continue to grow, led mainly by the expected economic development as well as the increasing needs for exotic flavors by the European juice and soft-drink industry. Netherland, Germany, France, Italy.

 Mango fruit pulper machine

Mango fruit pulp

A wide variety of mango pulping machine options are available to you, there are 4,346 mango pulping machine suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries or regions are China, India, and Thailand, which supply 99%, 1%, and 1% of mango pulping machines respectively. Mango pulping machine products are most popular in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The machine is used to cut vegetables and fruits into paste or mud condition, no matter they are hard one or soft. This device adopts the high-speed working principle of multi-tool, easy to operate, functional and adaptable, it can keep the moisture and inner structure no damaged, thus to retain the original taste of vegetables and fruits.


A good quality of stainless steel, complying with national hygienic standards is proper for the Mango pulp machine.  The garlic mud cutting machine is the indispensable equipment for vegetables, fruits deep processing. As usual, there are three types of pulper. Single pulper, double pulper, round type pulper. The sieve diameters in channels select according to the requirements of materials. For example, mango, we need a double pulper.

How to Freeze Mangos?

Mango fruit pulp

One of the best ways to eat fruits off-season is to preserve them for a long time meaning freeze them. You can freeze mangoes in slices or as mango pulp. You can also preserve mangoes by making mango fillings, chutney and pickles. This is a simple easy and effortless way to freeze mangoes but this technique can be used with almost any seasonal fruits. If you choose ripe but firm mangoes they thaw well and can be used for dessert toppings too. Some mangoes become very soft when thawed but they are still usable. So choose the fruit wisely. Remember ripe but firm mangoes are what you are looking for. Clean the mangoes. Wash and wipe the mangoes you want to freeze. Use a peeler and peel the skin off the mangoes.

  1. Chop the mangoes.
  2. First the two cheeks around the seed.
  3. Then the flesh around the center seed. Save the big chunks separately.
  4. The small cuts can be made into a puree and frozen too.
  5. Lay the nice large pieces on to a tray with parchment paper; or plastic wrap.
  6. The pieces should not touch each other so they freeze individually.
  7. Cover well with plastic wrap and place in the freezer for a couple of hours or overnight.
  8. Store in a zip lock bag
  9. Once frozen – pick individual pieces from the tray and drop into a zip lock bag.
  10. Close the bag well – removing as much air as possible.
  11. Now place back into the freezer.

Is Eating Mango Good for Healthy Digestion and Glowing Skin?

Mango fruit pulp

Meaty mango is a seriously satisfying fruit, thanks to its high levels of fiber. It is famous to help lower cholesterol and support digestive health. An optimally-functioning digestive system is one of the great secrets to supporting good health, boosting your immune system and even helping to build brighter, clearer and younger-looking skin. The range of nutrients in mango is also extremely good for your skin and hair health. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E plus beta-carotene, mangoes are a wonderful source of skin-healing antioxidants to rejuvenate your complexion, while vitamin A also helps to protect and renew your skin cells and mucous membranes. The vitamin E in this tasty tropical fruit helps to protect your skin from the sun’s UV damage and also supports hair growth and a healthy, nourished scalp. Mango contains essential minerals like copper to support the production of the skin pigment melanin, potassium to support healthy blood pressure and reduce puffiness under your eyes, and magnesium to help relax your nervous system and muscles.

There is other evidence that:

Vitamin C is a key vitamin for the formation of collagen. Along with elastin, collagen is an important fiber for keeping your skin looking firm and plump.  The bright orange color of the mango is due to its high levels of carotenoids and beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. This helps to heal skin cells and mucous membranes and maintains normal and healthy eyesight. Mango contains silica, which is a trace mineral important for strengthening your body’s connective tissues. These include muscles, tendons, hair, ligaments, nails, bone and cartilage, making it essential for healthy skin too.

Features of Mango pulping Machine or Fruit Pulping Machine

Mango fruit pulp

The Mango pulping machine or fruit pulping machine is made by high-quality stainless steel, compact structure, beautiful appearance, not contaminated material, be in line with food hygiene standards. It is using in beating and residues discharging of fruits and vegetables, automatic residues discharging. The Pulping thickness of the mango is adjustable, obtaining a satisfying effect. There are various sieve diameters of mango pulping machine for selection. The rotating speed of the Mango pulping machine or fruit pulping machine is slow, can keep original nutrition in fruits and vegetables. Mango pulping machine/fruit pulping machine can be useful as a single machine to produce and can also within a production line. Wide application of Mango pulping machine or fruit pulping machine, such as used to make Lemon pulp, Orange pulp, Juice Concentrate from Fruit, and Fruit pulp industry.


How to choose the perfect mango?

Mango fruit pulp

First, weight the mangoes and choose one that is heavy for its size. Then look at its shape. You want a plump mango, not a flat one that could be stringy. You should smell a fruity aroma when held near your nose. When choosing a mango, don’t focus on color, always judge by feel. The redness you’ll see on some varieties is not a good indication of ripeness. A ripe mango has a yielding but not mushy flesh. Most of the mangoes you’ll buy from the store will be hard and unripe. They must be fully ripening before eating, or you’ll get a bland taste. Keep unripe mango at room temperature, it will turn soft and sweet in a few days. If you want to speed up the process you can place your mango in a paper bag, still at room temperature. Once your mango is seasoning, place it in the fridge. Whole mangoes can last up to 5 days.


Operating Principle of mango pulp making machine

Mango fruit pulp

A famous enterprise has developed pulp making Machines of various sizes for extraction the pulp of most fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, guavas, peaches, tomatoes, bananas, etc. The pulp making machine unit consists of two brushes and two beaters which give a joint beating and brushing action. This pulp making unit is supplied with four beater or four brushes depending upon the fruits to be handled. The gap between the sieve and beater/brushes can in tune to suit different types of sizes and qualities of products to be pulped. The sieve is available and perforations of different sizes and is easily removable for cleaning. Food regulation screw ensures the correct feeding of products for better performance. All metal contact parts are stainless steel. They are also providing structures using hot revolving mild steel heavy duty section. All parts can be easily pulled to pieces and get back together for the facility of inspection, proper washing, cleaning, and periodic maintenance.

Mango pulp Juice suppliers

Mango fruit pulp

Mango manufacturers offer 5,795 mango pulp juice products. About 49% of these are fruit & vegetable juice, 1% are fresh mangos, and 1% are other food & beverage. A wide variety of mango pulp juice options are available to you, such as apple, mango, and guava. You can also choose from the bottle, barrel, and box. As well as from beverage. And whether mango pulp juice is puree, concentrate, or with sacs. There are 5,360 mango pulp juice suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries or regions are Malaysia, China, and India, which supply 1%, 60%, and 21% of mango pulp juice respectively. Mango pulp juice products are most popular in the United States, Philippines, and New Zealand.

Who is the leading supplier of mango Pulp to Europe?

Mango fruit pulp

India alone accounts for almost 60% of all supply of mango pulp to Europe.  Two main clusters of Mango Pulp are there in India country, which has around 65 processing units with a good backward linkage of Alphonso and Totapuri variety of mangoes. These clusters are Chittoor in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Krishnagiri in the state of Tamil Nadu. Some of the Processing units are in the state of Maharashtra and Gujrat. South and Central American countries are gaining market share in Europe; particularly Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Peru, and Costa Rica.


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